Due to personal orientation changes and real job demands we can not push FSXP development any longer and will transfer FSXPilot Pro (and FSXPilot in toto) to freeware on October 1st 2017. This means for all existing users Pro and shareware users that not much will change. However, if you want to purchase FSXPilot during the next months please be aware that you will be able to download the full FSXPilot Pro version for free on Oktober 1st 2017.  

FSXPilot Pro is still available for € 29.90 incl. VAT. 

Until October 1st 2017 (see above),FSXPilot PRO has the following benefits and features over the shareware version: 

  • Enhanced aircraft database and aircraft option dialog
  • FSXPilot view system
  • Dynamic head movements
  • Automatic update of course, speed, heading, V/S and altitude reading fields from AP main panel directly into the FSX cockpit
  • New fields and buttons to quickly enter NAV1, COM, ADF and XPNDR frequencies into the FSX cockpit
  • Execution of Windows Shell Commands from a flight plan (Automatically open browser page, PDF chart, Notepad, Excel, Word at different stages of your flight) 
  • sit in the first row to benefit from future developments 
  • unlimited usage period
  • three simultaneous installations
  • Priority email support

Last but not least: You keep the fire burning in our development studio ;-) 

IMPORTANT: Before purchase, please install and thoroughly test the free FSXPilot Shareware version. The shareware version is required for registration. ONLY purchase PRO if the shareware runs satisfactory on your system ! 

Please install the shareware from here:

FSXPilot downloads (for FSX and P3D)

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