FSXPilot is for X_PLANE 10 and 11, Flight Simulator X , FSX Steam and Prepar3d (TM) !


Important note: FSXPILOT is Shareware for private, non-commercial use.

You can download FSXPilot for free. However, we would be thankful for a donation to keep the project running.

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FSXPILOT dev team

This is the current FSXPilot installer. When using it for the first time, your program will automatically update to the current version. 

IMPORTANT: Reinstalling FSXPILOT into the same directory as previous versions will NOT overwrite fspilot.ini if this file is found in the installation directory.  All other files (including AIRAC files  and flightplans, pls backup if you have any of identical names) will be overwritten. 


The author hereby notifies that the implemented procedures and behaviors may differ significantly from the behavior of real aircraft and excludes any liability for the adoption of inappropriate skills that may lead to accidents, damage or personal injury, when applied to operation of real aircraft. 

The author refuses and excludes, in addition, any liability for unwanted effects on the phone or tablet or computer on which the software is installed and executed, or with other software, or on a network-connected computer.

----- >Click here to download the installer< -----

To be used with Flight Simulator X (TM)  and Prepar3D (TM) .


IGNORE the malicious software warning if you have one (Chrome) at the beginning of the download. Our software is virus free.  

Run the installer into a directory of your choice, preferably in your 'Program file' directory on your 'C:' drive. Don't use the FSX home directory. A new icon 'FSXPilot' will be created.  

Please download and read the manual. In here we also have a quickstart FSXPilot lesson (installation and operation).


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