Please always find the latest version (we have 1.72 now) of AutopilotMFD at Orbithangar.

Please click here to open Orbithangar main page.

Or click here for direct download.

IMPORTANT: In 1.72 you may now overwrite the earth.cfg in the CONFIG directory.

Thus, you can find all major world airports within orbiter.

We suggest that you make a backup of earth.cfg before installing AutopilotMFD V 1.72.

A PDF manual for operation of AutopilotMFD in Orbiter space simulation is here.

Orbiter 2006 Sample Flightplans


Save the Zip files below to your harddrive.  Extract to Orbiter main directory, PRESERVING the path information.


Approach test for 3 Orbiter2006 aircraft

What generally happens is that three aircraft (Deltaglider, Shuttle A, Shuttle PB) will automatically takeoff from Brighton Beach, fly out approx 13 km, and return safely to a free pad at the spaceport spaceport with elegant autolanding.