We have published a new program update on September 30th 2013 (1.35) and a newly linked version today, Oct 1st 2013. If you downloaded before Oct 1st 2013 11:40 UTC please download the latest update again.    

Many users have requested to add the ability to select specific runways during ILS or GPS autolanding approaches. In version 1.35, this has become reality. Right-click the EFIS quickselect menu and choose from runways in the area of approx 50 nm around you. Then select GPS- or ILS autolanding from the menu.

Second, we had request for better implementation of taxiing aircraft on ground. What we did was to invent a simple GPS recording function and the ability to save the taxi waypoints to a 'flightplan', which we now call 'taxiplan' In short, start a FSX session at the gate of your choice. Select 'Start GPS recording' from the 'Extra' menu and do a precise taxi (by hand) to the holding point of your runway of choice. Them 'Stop GPS recording' and give your new taxiplan a sensible name for the flightplan direcory. Replay this taxiplan as often as you wish (select speeds from 5-10 knts) in future FSX sessions. In the update we have provided a set of demo taxiplans to taxi to and from gate 103 in EDDM.  

Display Lat/Lon now works. You can now start and stop pushback from the EFIS quickselect menu. FSXPilot is now able to check for program updates. 

We hope this all makes sense and you'll like it. As always - the update is free.


Latest update: 1.35 as of Sept 30th 2013

Changes in V 1.35

- select near runways (within 50 nm) from EFIS quickselect menu
- then perform ILS or GPS autolands on this runway
- new record function (in 'Extras') to be used during taxi to and from gates, save in a flightplan, call taxi flightplan for easy ground procedures
- ability to start/stop pushback from EFIS quickselect menu
- display Lat/Lon now works
- get notified when a new program update is available

Changes in V 1.34
- better bank and pitch characteristics
- automatically updates your aircraft library in fspilot.ini with two additional AP control parameters
- The 'Extra', Cessna and the heavy jets autopilot now behave more realistic

Changes in V 1.33
- complete rewrite of the autopilot routines using a PID algorythm.
- elimination of autopilot modes that have to be selected
- alternatively, define your non-FSX aircraft in fsxpilot.ini
- takeoff, cruising, minimum and approach speeds, holdingbase-leg and takeoff climb can be defined
- much more stable in high time accelerations
- fly long distance flights with the heavy aircraft
- menu driven "fly ILS autolanding" after selection of an airport with ILS runways
- all in one ILS autolanding procedure from the menu - no more select ae or select ie commands
- taxi to runway available on ground (please switch collosion detection off :-)
- much less complicated FSXP flightplans when generated from FSX flightplanner files
- ETA and ETE added on EFIS information window (switch mode to 2nd window, see last page) to determine arrival times when you fly long distance
- include holdings in your flightplan, descend or climb in holding, and fly a certain number of holdings
- "run takeoff" now selects proper speed and climb rates and retracts gear and flaps
- GPS and ILS autolanding now sets approach speeds and flaps and lowers gear
- GPS and ILS autolanding uses better GPS entry points (calculates two points and uses the one closer to your current location)
-before takeoff, you can store the current airport as "home". In the air, you can always select "fly home" from the menu
- set predefined aircraft speeds (see above) from a flightplan (i.e. "set speed takeoffspeed")

- Traffic bug removed: Fsxpilot freezes and crashes when fsx traffic settings are medium or high

Required steps for upgrading

System requirements

Flight simulator X
Windows 8, 7 or Vista, should also work on XP

There are only a few steps required:
Go downloads . 

- Download and install fsxpilot 1.0 (only required if you have no fsxpilot yet)
- Register it with the free reg number on the download page
- Arrange size and position of AP and EFIS panel, save your defaults
- Download latest update
- Extract the zip file in FSXPilot home directory (usually c:\program files\fsxpilot). Overwrite existing files.
- have a look at the new flightplans
- start fsxpilot.exe: "run as administrator"
- go flying