This support article serves three purposes:

  • Demonstration how to add missing NAV targets
  • Description how to create a dedicated ILS approach in a flight plan
  • Description how to use the 'exec' command (PRO users)

Many of you FSXPilot users got lazy and got used to fly with the easy ILS and GPS auto landing commands. There were some requests for a more differentiated approach, which is still possible with FSXPilot. 

In particular, the users wanted to be able to set speeds and flaps according to their own wishes in a flightplan. 

So we made this little flightplan. On the way we noticed, that in some installation the Moosburg VOR (MBG) was missing in the AIRAC. So we just comment here on how to deal with missing NAV targets, too. 

Preparation Step 1

Please open the file vor.txt in the AIRAC subdirectory of FSXPilot home directory with a conventional text editor (run as administrator to be able to save). 

If you cannot find MBG in this file, please insert the line 

MBG   48.573408  12.261000  117.15 ;Moosburg

at the correct alphabetical place (row) in that file. Save and close. For other waypoints you would have to find (should I write google?) the missing name, LAT and LON as well as frequencies. Always stick exactly to the text format of the AIRAC. 

Preparation Step 2

If you are a PRO user and want to test the exec function, please make a subdirectory called CHARTS in the FSXPilot home directory. 

Go for example to and download this PDF into your CHARTS directory. Rename this file to EDDM.pdf

Note that page 48 shows the ILS approach EDDM RW 26R and page 42 shows the terminal layout. 

Make sure you have an Adobe PDF reader installed. 


  • Start FSX
  • Place a small jet on a runway in EDDM
  • Start FSXPilot
  • Press AP button on
  • Load and run the flightplan below



 This flight will perform a regular takeoff. Turn right into MIQ.

After MIQ, FSXPilot PRO will open the EDDM.pdf chart automatically and select the appropriate page for the following ILS approach.



Then the aircraft will turn into Moosburg VOR. At MBG, the plan will turn right heading 202 degrees until 4 miles out of MBG. Here it will gradually reduce speed and set flaps. 

The plane will be gently directed into the ILS-T of EDDM runway 26R where the "set ils" command will activate the ILS landing program. As soon as ILS glideslope is catched and ILS indicator in the cockpit is moving the plane will turn into runway heading and follow the glideslope. More reduction of speed and full flaps are done. Landing lights are switched on. 

At calm or moderate weather, landing will always be centerline. Brakes and reverse thrust are operated. If you are a PRO user, FSXPilot will even open the terminal charts for you ;-) 




Flight Plan


// -----------------------------------------------------------
// Flightplan for FSX / P3D
// for use with FSXPilot
// FSXPilot (c) 2005-2016 by Scientific Networks Munich 
// -----------------------------------------------------------
// add your comment here
// and here
set speedunits knots
set distanceunits miles
set apcontrol plane
set userinput on
autorudder on
set dep EDDM
set dest EDDM
set cmdonly off
run takeoff
set alt 5000.0
// Please set a value for initial speed
set speed 250.0
// Please set a value for initial climb rate 
set climb 1500.0
waypoint 5000 250 MIQ
exec AcroRd32.exe /A "page=48=OpenActions" ./charts/eddm.pdf 
// Approach charts
waypoint 5000 250 MBG 
head 202.
wait distout 2.
flaps 1
set speed 220.0
wait distout 4.
flaps 2
set speed 200.0
wait distout 7.
set heading 238.
wait distout 8.5
select EDDM 26R
set ils
wait distin 10.
set speed 165.0
flaps 3
wait distin 9.
gear down
landinglights on 
wait altdesc 1530.
set speed 0.
wait groundcontact
wait 5
retrothrust on
operate wheelbrake
wait speedless 80.
retrothrust off
flaps 0
wait speedless 2
release wheelbrake
switch apbuttons off
throttle zero
exec AcroRd32.exe /A "page=42=OpenActions" ./charts/eddm.pdf 
// Taxi charts



Developing flight plans like this is a bit time consuming. You may need multiple test sessions until everything works as expected. Your plans will inevitably have bugs and you must be prepared to find and remove them. FSXPilot support will usually support you here only in cases of desperation ...


This article shows that FSXPilot still allows for a very differential ILS approach in flight plans and that PRO users can be very creative in using the "exec" function.

You could open, at specific situations during a flight, the notepad, a web page, Excel, Word - even some romantic mp3 file that Anna might like ;-)